Classic Twin

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Classic Twin

from AZN/night

With our Standard Room, you will have everything you need for a comfortable stay and a good night’s sleep. Enjoy 2 comfortable twin beds in dimension of 200cm x 117cm, in-room coffee and tea facilities, spacious shower and free Wi-Fi. Special soundproof windows overlooking the pool or the airport will fully protect your rest and tranquility. 

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    Wardrobe safe

  • /storage/features/February2021/9WBJhstMTZAzFPyGutO5.png

    Iron and iron board

  • /storage/features/February2021/GEbGGmj1eBXofujqfh9R.png

    Laundry bag

  • /storage/features/February2021/gvsKxLdUNlrvvINuWyx2.png

    TV set

  • /storage/features/February2021/Kuf1wTzDhWMuWNuEQpaL.png

    Working table and chair

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  • /storage/features/February2021/X0rW7Mjb2AEhGptN65Ag.png

    All bathrooms amenities

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  • /storage/features/February2021/AHrvUpIeq1nt8NVpm284.png

    Minibar fridge

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    Bedside drawers

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    Dental kit, shaving kit, vanity kit, sewing kit